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From Natural History Museum. Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition Tickets starting At the American Museum of Natural History the world and its beauty is at your fingertips. This museum explores the history of the world in 3D, with mesmerizing exhibitions, mind-blowing artifacts and more.

The Field Museum is one of the best family-friendly attractions in Chicago, covering billion years of natural history under one roof. Includes admission to dozens of attractions.

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Like many Chicago attractions, The Field Museum is most popular between mid-morning and early afternoon and on weekends. To avoid the biggest crowds, head to the museum early in the morning, later in the evening, and on a weekday. We recommend planning to be at the Field Museum for at least 3 hours to explore the exhibits fully. The Field Museum features fascinating exhibitions and attractions that cover everything from dinosaurs, to ancient Egyptian life, to Native American life, to natural gems.

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Some exhibit highlights are:. Another highlight of this exhibit is the displays depicting the differences between fact, theory, and speculation with clips from pop culture that portray the how scientific knowledge and understanding of the T.

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Learn how a mama earwig uses her snapping tail to defend her babies, see snail eggs hatch, and more. Some key takeaways from this exhibit will be how the actions of humans help and hurt soil and thus maintain or threaten the health of the ecosystems that depend on it.

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Learn about the notorious man-eating lions of Tsavo. John Henry Patterson, on display. Insider tip: prepare for your trip to The Field Museum by watching, The Ghost and the Darkness, the movie that dramatized the events of and made these two lions famous. Warning: only watch if you like scary movies.

Explore how the elaborate preparations ancient Egyptians made for the afterlife help demonstrate what life in ancient Egypt was like.

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Visitors can tour a three story replica of the tomb of Unis-Ankh, son of the of Egyptian Pharoah Unis, dating back to BC and examine hieroglyphs, mummies, a Book of the Dead, and even a marketplace with artifacts from everyday ancient Egyptian life. Journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth in the Evolving Planet exhibit.

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This working, state-of-the-art DNA research facility is host to dozens of scientists currently analyzing DNA of thousands of species. The DNA Discovery Center has helped in answering lots of basic and complex questions about DNA and making progress on what we know about life on this planet.

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One of the most popular exhibits at The Field Museum, Grainger Hall is home to over gemstones and pieces of jewelry. From beautiful gemstones to bizarre-looking metals and minerals, there is much to fascinate about this exhibit. The Field Museum is conveniently located in Museum Campus, a picturesque park on the water, near a few other top Chicago attractions, including…. The aquarium is home to 32, fascinating marine animals in a range of diverse habitats and exhibits.